Manni-Kun (jaded_soul_88) wrote in inuyashasizzles,

.x.Favorite Character: Inutaisho
.x.Favorite Pairing: Inutaisho and Izayoi
.x.Favorite Episode: When Inuyasha meets Shiori and is remembering the bad times when he was little and when his living mother was alive. It was a heart warming story ;_____;
.x.Least Favorite Character: Naraku, I just don't like the dude, I wish he did more stuff in the anime except for escaping and stuff, more fighting!!!
.x.Opinion on Kikyo: She will always be a sad person/soul. I don't like her deceiving Inuyasha -_-.
.x.Favorite villian: Sesshoumaru!!! He is a villain technically =P and he is uber sexxy!!!!
.x.Why you love Inuyasha: Who woudln't love a guy with dog ears!!! They look so cute and fluffy!!! Heehee, I just want to pinch those ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

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