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.x.Favorite Character: its hard to pick one but Inuyasha I suppose, because the show couldn't exist without him

.x.Favorite Pairing: Inuyasha.x.Kagome of course ((but i love the idea of Miroku.x.Sango too))

.x.Favorite Episode: any episodes where there are romantic feelings shown between Inuyasha & Kagome. I also love the episodes where Kagome is in her own time.

.x.Least Favorite Character: Kikyo, and i don't like Shippo much either

.x.Opinion on Kikyo: she annoys me so much, I wish she wasn't in the show

.x.Favorite villian: i'm not really sure. i guess i like Kagura and Kanna a lot

.x.Why you love Inuyasha:
-i love Inuyasha the demon because he has adorable dog ears, even if he doesn't want to admit it he has a kind heart, and he's so cute when he doesn't understand something about Kagome's time :)
-i love Inuyasha the show because it has both action and romance and it changes between them often enough to keep your attention

they go from oldest to newest

also xlet_me_livex is a community my friend and i created to showcase our fanfics and fanart. it is a 'view only' community for just our work. and we only started it a little while ago, so there isn't much of anything quite yet. but hopefully soon there will be Inuyasha content! so if you wanna, check that out :)
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