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Im a new member!!

MMmmm i looove InuYasha, i've just recently started watching it because my boyfriend watches and i've become completely HOOKED! Like obsessed! Soo heres my opinions!

.x.Favorite Character: InuYasha, because he is so damn sexy and i love to see what he is going to do next!

.x.Favorite Pairing: InuYasha and Kagome because they are ment to be <3 , But i also love Sesshomaru and Kagome on some of the fanfics.

.x.Favorite Episode: Return to the place where we first met. Because it made me cry soo hard when he went back and confessed everything to InuYasha!

.x.Least Favorite Character: Kikyo!!!!

.x.Opinion on Kikyo: I absolutly HATE her, because shes dead for crying out loud! and she gets in the way of Kagome and InuYasha, she fucks with InuYasha's head, and shes a bitch to Kagome!

.x.Favorite villian: Sesshomaru, he's sorta a villan though but hes so sexy and i love his 'i dont give a shit' attitude, wicked hott

.x.Why you love Inuyasha: Hes sexy as hell, and extremely unpredictiable i love seeing what is going to unfold with him and Kagome
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