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I LOVE Inuyasha and am totally hooked! Well lets see um...I first got hooked on Inu from my friend who let me borrow a manga, then my bro saw the anime and I've been hooked on both ever since. I even learned Japanese so I could read the Inuyasha manga in Japanese since they have SO much more manga out then we do. Plus I can watch the anime too((although I prefer the english voices)). So anyways here's basically everything I think about Inuyasha

Favorite Character: My beloved Fuzzy-eared Inu cus you never know what he's gonna do

Favorite Pairing: Miroku and Sango because their love is unoticed and totally corky

Favorite Episode: Return to the place where we first met! Because it was so sweet how she help his hand and I just like it.

Least Favorite Character: Kikyo she's mean and totally rude! Heartless too!

Opinion on Kikyo: Well...I hate her....but not all the time. But most of the time she's mean and I hate her.

Favorite villian: Kagura! She's evil but she just wants to be free of Naraku

Why you love Inuyasha: Because of Inuyasha!!!! He's CUTE! His dog ear are the cutest and the series is the BEST!

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