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Wow. I'm new. <3

.x.Favorite Character:Kikyou, because she's so different from all of the other characters in the series. There is no one like her, and she's so deep.
.x.Favorite Pairing:I like Sesshoumaru x Kagome. Is that weird? I mean, I think that she would be the perfect balance for all of his negative energy. I also like InuYasha x Kikyou. And, of course, I like yaoi parings, too. x3
.x.Favorite Episode: Episode 23- Kagome's Voice and Kikyou's Kiss, mainly because I like seeing the differences between the two women really come into play in the series. It's a very interesting and conflicting thing, and I like it that way.
.x.Least Favorite Character: Kagome, just because she bugs me. She's annoying and repetitive (I know I'll get a few flames for that one, but I don't care). I think she needs to relax a bit.
.x.Opinion on Kikyo: Kikyou is awesome. She's my favorite character in the entire series, and I don't think that she deserves all the hate she gets. I get so angry when people bash her because she's "dead" or "in the way of the InuYasha and Kagome relationship". She may be dead, but that adds some intrigue to her character, in my mind. And she is not, in anyway, in the way of InuYasha and Kagome hooking up. InuYasha can't make up his mind, is all. But, the one that gets me most, is calling her a "bitch". She died hating the person she once loved so dearly. That would make you little wacked out too, don't you think? And she only hates things because she wishes she were alive like they are. I think the stereotyping of her is unfair and, well, stupid.
.x.Favorite villian: I have two. Naraku, just because he's so evil. The eyeshadow is a nice touch. And, his voice makes me melt (in English and Japanese). The one I like most, though, is Jakotsu. I think he's hilariously funny, and it amazes me that there is homosexual representation in InuYasha. His English voice is extremely scary though, since it's obviously a woman.
.x.Why you love Inuyasha: I think that it holds all the keys to having a good anime. It includes deep, angsty romance, interesting characters, an involving plot, action, and humor--all at the same time. It's awesome to me that I can get all of those things in one anime.
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