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Hi, I'm new!

Since I'm new let ne introduce myself.

.x.Favorite character: Miroku, he maybe a monk but he crack me up on every episode.
.x.Favorite pairing: the yaoi pairings and sangoxmiroku. I still can't believe she loves him with that wandering hand of his. :)
.x.Favorite episode: Wow, there is so brain hurts :P
.x.Least favorite character: Kagome, she gives teenage girls a bad name. We are not always that annoying and bitchy.
.x.Opinion on Kikyo: Why did that witch have to bring her back? She is just a clay pot that talks. There is no way I gonna let her take my yasha to hell.
.x.Favorite Villian: Ahh, the cutie Naraku. I love his red eyes. He maybe evil,but he is fine :). Also I luv Jankotsu from the band of seven. He makes me laugh everytime.
.x.Why do I love Inuyasha: It is the one anime that I fell in love with. Also I love his cute ears.
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